Cactus Crochet Pattern

Cactus crochet PATTERN

By: Isadora Félix

IMPORTANT: THIS DOCUMENT IS PROTECT BY COPYRIGHT. PLEASE, DON’T DISTRIBUTE, SELL OR REPRODUCE IT WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AND WITHOUT GIVING THE PROPER CREDITS. You wouldn’t steal a purse, you wouldn’t steal a car, why would you steal an artist’s work? A person that needs this to live and who spent years working on their techniques and days writing this document.

Also, important: You are allowed to sell the final product. And, please, just give this pattern credits. Okay, good, let’s begin.

Difficulty level: Easy

Terminology US: MR: Magic Ring sc: Single crochet inc: Increase (to do 2 sc in the same stitch) dec: Decrease (to close two stitches together to become one) sl st: Slip stitch
Materiais: – 3,0mm hook
– Yarn
– Polyester filling
– Googly eyes (only the black part) for the eyes
– Glue
– Tapestry needle to sew the parts together
– Small pot    


1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

3. 1sc, 1 inc – 6x (18)

Now, let’s make 15 rounds with 18 stitches in each one. If you want a bigger cactus, make more rounds.

4-18. 18sc

Change to brown yarn

Increase to 24sc and do 4 round of 24sc each.

Stuff if and glue to the small pot. I used hot glue.

Arms: Make 2

1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

5 rounds with 12sc in each:

3-7. 12sc

Stuff lightly, you can also use a wire to give it shape.

Now you just have to glue the eyes. I used the black part of googly eyes for that.

It’s done!

Contact: Artist: Isadora Félix – Email: – Site:


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