Kakashi Crochet Pattern

kakashi crochet PATTERN

By: Isadora Félix

IMPORTANT: THIS DOCUMENT IS PROTECT BY COPYRIGHT. PLEASE, DON’T DISTRIBUTE, SELL OR REPRODUCE IT WITHOUT AUTORIZATION AND WITHOUT GIVING THE PROPER CREDITS. You wouldn’t steal a purse, you wouldn’t steal a car, why would you steal an artist’s work? A person that needs this to live and who spent years working on their techniques and days writing this document.

Also, important: You are allowed to sell the final product. And, please, just give this pattern credits. Okay, good, let’s begin.

Difficulty level: Medium

WARNING: You have to know basic sewing skills to be able to define the legs from the body!

Terminology US: MR: Magic Ring sc: Single crochet inc: Increase (to do 2 sc in the same stitch) dec: Decrease (to close two stitches together to become one) sl st: Slip stitch
Materiais: – 3,5mm hook
– Black yarn
– Polyester filling
– Buttons for the eyes
– Glue
– Tapestry needle to sew the parts together    


1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

3. 1sc, 1 inc – 6x (18)

4. 2sc, 1 inc – 6x (24)

5. 3sc, 1inc – 6x (30)

Now, let’s make 6 rounds with 30 stitches in each one:

6-11. 30sc

Now, let’s start decreasing it until we have 18 stitches, so we can stuff it:

12. 3sc, 1dec – 6x (24)

13. 2 sc, 1dec – 6x (18)

Let’s stuff it and increase it again for the body.

14. 1sc, 1dec – 6x (12)


15. 1sc, 1inc – 6x (18)

16. 2sc, 1 inc – 6x (24)

17. 3sc, 1inc – 6x (30)

Now, let’s make 10 rounds with 30 stitches in each one, till the waist.

17-26. 30sc

Now, we’ll use the legs technique.

Follow the pictures of this other pattern of mine. IT’S NOT FROM THIS PATTERN BUT IT’S THE SAME TECHNIQUE!

Chain till you can reach the other side of the doll

Then, insert the hook and do a slip stitch to secure the chains there.

Now, go around one leg, as you would normally. The chains will become sc. You’ll have to make it fit the closest multiple of 6. For example, you see that going around the leg, you have 26sc. Decrease 2 to make it fit 24.

Keep doing that until you have a “leg” shape. You can go for as long as you want your leg to be. When you feel like closing it, decrease it till you close.

Then, start the other side in the same way. Don’t forget to stuff it!

Follow the pictures below:

Arms: Make 2

1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

3-7. 12sc in each row.

Sew it to the body.


Use the tapestry needle to attach the yellow yarn and then trim it.


Chain as many as you need and come back doing 1sc for each ch. One or two rows should be enough. Do the same for the grey part. Sew it.

Glue the eyes. Use a Sharpie for the details.

It’s done!

Contact: Artist: Isadora Félix – Email: contact@crochetouche.com – Site: www.crochetouche.com

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