Little Mermaid Pattern

By: Isadora Félix

IMPORTANT: THIS DOCUMENT IS PROTECT BY COPYRIGHT. PLEASE, DON’T DISTRIBUTE, SELL OR REPRODUCE IT WITHOUT AUTORIZATION AND WITHOUT GIVING THE PROPER CREDITS. You wouldn’t steal a purse, you wouldn’t steal a car, why would you steal an artist’s work? A person that needs this to live and who spent years working on their techniques and days writing this document.

Also: this is inspired by Ariel, by Disney. Disney allows creations like that when there’s no selling intention, which the case here. So, you cannot sell the final product because of that.

Difficulty level: Medium

WARNING: You have to know basic sewing skills to be able to define the legs from the body!

Terminology US: MR: Magic Ring sc: Single crochet inc: Increase (to do 2 sc in the same stitch) dec: Decrease (to close two stitches together to become one) ch: Chain sl st: Slip stitch
Materiais: – 3,0mm hook
– Pink yarn and light brown yarn
– Polyester filling
– Buttons for the eyes
– Glue
– Tapestry needle to sew the parts together    

Head – Start by the chosen skin tone:

1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

3. 1sc, 1 inc – 6x (18)

4. 2sc, 1 inc – 6x (24)

5. 3sc, 1inc – 6x (30)

6. 4sc, 1 inc – 6x (36)

7. 5sc, 1 inc – 6x (42)

8. 6sc, 1 inc – 6x (48)

Now, let’s make 8 rounds with 48 stitches in each one:

9-16. 48sc

Now, let’s start decreasing it until we have 18 stitches, so we can stuff it:

17. 6sc, 1dec – 6x (42)

18. 5sc, 1dec – 6x (36)

19. 4sc, 1dec – 6x (30)

20. 3sc, 1dec – 6x (24)

21. 2 sc, 1dec – 6x (18)

Let’s stuff it.


22, 23, 24. 18 sc

We’ll start increasing again till we get the amount of stitches needed to do the body.

Body – Change color for the color of shirt you want

25. 2sc, 1 inc – 6x (24)

26. 3sc, 1inc – 6x (30)

27. 4sc, 1 inc – 6x (36)

28. 5sc, 1 inc – 6x (42)

29. 6sc, 1 inc – 6x (48)

Now, let’s do 15 rounds with 48sc in each:

30-44. 48sc

Change for the tail’s color:

45-48. 48sc

49. 6sc, 1dec – 6x (42)

50-55. 42sc

56. 5sc, 1dec – 6x (36)

57-60. 36sc

Now let’s stuff it and decrease it until we close off with a slip stitch. You can also increase the tail’s length if you wish.

61. 4sc, 1dec – 6x (30)

62. 3sc, 1dec – 6x (24)

63. 2 sc, 1dec – 6x (18)

64. 1sc, 1dec – 6x (12)

65. 1dec – 6x (6)

Close it with a slip stitches and fasten off.

Tail fin: Make 2

15 chains, 3 rows.

Sew on the body.


1. MR 6sc (6) (to create the part where you’ll glue the pearl)

Now, you’ll start some chains till you can go around the body. The amount of chains will depend on your doll.

Then, it’s 1sc in each chain all the way back. Sew it to the body.


Make 2:

1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

3. 1sc, 1 inc – 6x (18)

4. 2sc, 1 inc – 6x (24)

5. 3sc, 1inc – 6x (30)

Make as many chains as necessary to do the bra’s strap.

Sew it all together.

A simple yarn string joins both parts together.

Arms: make 2

1. MR 6sc (6)

2. 1inc in every sc from round 1 (12)

3. 1sc, 1 inc – 6x (18)

15 rounds with 18sc each:

4-18. 18sc

Stuff it and sew it to the body.

Little Bow:

10 chains, 4 rows, tie a string at the middle and sew it to the head.


You’ll have to put it individually with a tapestry needle. A trick that I use is to paint the base of the head with the color of the hair, so you’ll need less yarn and the doll won’t look bald.

Contact: Artist: Isadora Félix Email: Site:

Now you just have to glue the eyes. I did the blush with nail paint, but you can do it with a crayon or real make up.

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